What is Snapshotz Online?

Snapshotz Online is a web based customer service self audit / assessment tool with 8 sections and 29 subsections containing a checklist of over 620 variables

» Snapshotz has multiple applications

  • • SWOT analysis and planning tool
  • • Audit tool and risk management tool
  • • Team and location comparisons
  • • Training tool
  • • Strategic task management tool linked to KPI's
  • • Leadership development tool

» Easily deployed (within 5 - 10 minutes) and available on demand
» Easy to use and delivers immediate reporting
» No ongoing license fees and costs so little!

Snapshotz Online is a world first for customer service

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Snapshotz Online covers all auditing processes. definition, scheduling, preparation, execution, documenting of audits and tracking of actions. View More...

Shona interviewed with Deepak

Watch our Customer Experience

Shona Macdonald, National Telebusiness Sales Manager CourierPost Speaks to Deepak Selvaratnam of Customer Services Audit of her experience and view of Snapshotz Online the self Audit tool for customer services